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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Imam Mahdi Sudah Muncul di Iran?

Imam Mahdi Syiah = Dajjal ???

Iris - published by the Iranian news agency "Knight" image a few days ago and she awaited Mahdi, accompanied by the commander of the Revolutionary Guards, where the image received widespread on the Internet and sharp criticism from the other.

The Iranian agency confirmed the emergence of the Mahdi them, said Dr. Ali al-Rubaie, the world expert in the Bahraini "mentalities": "Fars news agency published an initial images of the Mahdi which Iran has announced his appearance and promised to broadcast his voice and high-tech image.

" He said they "awaited acknowledge that مهديهم, will not be a Muslim but will be on the Jewish religion and the law and the law of the Jews will judge the world according to their stories.

" As commented Ammar Mahdi, a political activist that Iran occur slur to events Lebleba in the region, and said it lies no truth to its existence at all.

He was Minister of Communications and Information Technology of Iran that it will broadcast the voice and image of the "Mahdi" using the Internet, which raised a lot of eyebrows and surprising.

Said Major General Mohammad Hassan Nami: "Today, with the development of technology that excels on optical fiber, can be used layers of the atmosphere for the transfer of audio and visual information, and we will send voice and image of our master Imam Mahdi to the world through these new classes.

" The remarks sparked a sensation in Iran, because it is beyond the scope of the familiar to the scope of hypocrisy and the usual Altakrev.



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